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Our Purpose

The prime objective of this unique concept by the Old Boys Union of St. Peter’s College, Colombo is to enable collaboration among its membership across multiple segments of professional and business relationships.

St. Peter’s College with a rich history of 100 years as a leading catholic educational institution in the country has alumnus excelled in many spheres during their successful careers and continues to be role models for the future generations. 

While building relationships bridging the geographical barriers and becoming advocates for both young and old alumnus of St. Peter’s College will make this a reality

Message from President of OBU

Dear fellow Peterites,

‘Peterite Connect’ is a platform that unites alumni worldwide, spanning diverse professional fields such as arts, sports, academia, politics, business, and religion. When we created ‘Peterite Connect’ in 2022, our vision was to create an enduring bond that brings together Peterites, both past and present, intending to serve, inspire, influence, and make a positive impact.

With a clear purpose in mind, we have set forth the following objectives to align with our mission of nurturing change-makers who will leave a profound mark on the world:

  • Establish Professional Clusters: We aim to create forums where professionals can connect and collaborate.
  • Networking and Experience Sharing: ‘Peterite Connect’ will facilitate networking sessions and the sharing of valuable experiences.
  • Business Matchmaking: We’ll use our network to connect businesses and foster partnerships.
  • Career Guidance and Capacity Building: We’ll organize programs to guide and empower individuals in their careers.
  • Job Opportunities: Our platform will work to generate job opportunities for both former and current students.
  • Partnership with Student Associations: We’ll collaborate to provide career guidance and support. Recognition: We will recognize and reward outstanding alumni across various clusters worldwide..

We invite you to join us on this journey of connection, enrichment, inspiration, and influence as we endeavor to lead by example and encourage our fellow Peterites to do the same.

Together, we can continue to enrich each other’s lives and bring pride to our alma mater, St. Peter’s College, our nation, and most importantly, humanity.


Virtus et Veritas,

Sanjeeva Abeygoonewardena

Professional Clusters

The membership of St. Peter’s College OBU would be segmented into professional clusters based on their expertise on respective industries thus gaining maximum out of each.
Financial Services, Treasury and Insurance
Hotels Restaurants and Catering
Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) and BPO
Retail, Trade, Automobile and Commerce
Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Art and Culture
Shipping, Transport and Logistics
Construction, Real Estate and Architecture
Manufacturing and Energy Industry
Plantations and Agriculture
Public Relations Media and Entertainment
Clergy and Philanthropic Service
Aviation, Leisure and Tourism
Education and Academic
Government and Public Sector
Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Risk Management
Sports Science, Fitness and Wellness

Download App

Peterite Connect Mobile App will be launched soon and Peterites around the world can download it to be connected – AWAIT THE LAUNCH

Events Calendar


Days Left

Peterite Connect Cluster Head Meet up

Oct 06, 2022

The cluster head meetup of Peterite Connect to discuss the way forward roadmap and its future objectives in making the initiative a success. This would be the 2nd committee meeting

OBU Lounge


Days Left

Peterites in Logistics Meet up

Sep 30, 2022

The logistics cluster of Peterite Connect meeting up for professional collaboration and networking to share knowledge and industry insights with each other. The event will be followed by a fellowship

Sr.Flora Hall @7PM


Days Left

Introducing Peterite Connect iOS App

Oct 14, 2022

After successful pilot run of the Android version of the Peterite Connect mobile app, the iOS version would be launched to cater a wider audience of users and be connected with the community


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